Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birth Control

I've spent the last three weeks with a house full of kids. Wild, pooping, vomiting, sugar-crazed children. And the last week actually responsible for a 2 year old and 4 year old. Hormones have been raging. Patience has been tested. This is serious birth control that is completely not useful. However, luckily my doctor said I'm giving birth to one baby, and not two kids. I checked. I sure hope the amount of years I have left to prepare for THAT, will be enough to prepare me. So hoping you understand why it's so late, here's my baby update!

Here I am at 15 weeks. However, today I am now at 16 weeks! The baby is the size of an avocado, can suck their thumb and kick. I thought I felt a flutter a few weeks ago (not sure if it was in my head) but I should be able to feel more of those kicks over the next few weeks!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Black Hole

I have been dealing with my new appetite, but this was just ridiculous. First of all, I need to eat enormous amounts of food. You have no idea. They tell you "you're eating for two, BUT, your baby only needs an extra 300 calories". BOLOGNA! If that was all, I'd eat an extra Cliff bar, pat my little baby bump and live my life. But that is not how it goes ladies, and last night things changed. I was struggling to keep up with my typical hoarding, (due to the fact that I would put food in my mouth and get the sensation that I was eating worms) So my night became a strange nightmare. My stomach LITERALLY turned into an angry black hole. I went to sleep around midnight and woke up around two thirty to a hungry belly. which is typical. (i usually just eat a granola bar in my sleep and clean myself up in the morning). But this hunger was different. I ate a bagel and laid back down. Couldn't sleep however, so an hour later I gave in and ate a banana with peanut butter. An hour later, grapes! Thirty minutes later, Blueberry waffles! FINALLY, a SLIGHT relief. I was finally able to drift off to sleep....twenty minutes before my alarm. I sure was rearing to go for a loooong day of teaching crafts at SUPER SATURDAY.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week Nine and Feelin' Fine?

Here we are! Week nine. Week eight was awesome. I felt like a million bucks. And now, I'm just feelin ok...which I still GREATLY appreciate. I have been one lucky lady this first trimester. My belly is getting bigger. (and my party hats are gettin bigger too if you don't mind me sayin...) I felt my first little flutter in my tummy a few days ago. What an incredibly strange feeling! Our little one is now the size of a green olive! yummy! I like to imagine it with a pinto in the middle, in a jar with its friends. Who knows how many there are in there!! It (or they) has eyeballs and the hands and feet are starting to look like hands and feet. Oh the joys of motherhood. I delight in thinking about a little olive wigglin around in my tummy makin me tired and nauseous.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


SO. My hormones are semi raging these days. And I cry at anything. BUT. There are two things that I'm really lovin, a pampers commercial and a google chrome commercial. Don't knock em till you try em. I'm pretty sure they'll make anyone cry, I just happen to get some twisted satisfaction out of watching them over and over so that I can cry so much it hurts. Please enjoy.

Also, I have yet to figure out how to post videos from the internet, so here are the links.

Pampers Commercial

Google Chrome Commercial

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week Six

Week six is here! And it's bringin on the morning sickness. I've got it good compared to others, but that sure doesn't make it fun. I've been experimenting with foods; Tostinos pizzas and Chocolate milk sure did sound good to me, but we now have a love hate relationship. Mashed potatoes however, are stickin by my side. I'm utterly amazed that people do this for weeks, even months. Big salute to all mothers. As you can see from the picture, my mother convinced me to post one. I thought it might be a nice "before" shot. So get a good look. It's gonna be a long eight months..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a Baby!

We did it! And now we're pregnant with a baby. Heading into week 5 I have yet to have much belly growth other than my normal flab, so I will refrain from making you look at photos of it. I have had some mild symptoms. But, overall I am LOVING every second of it. Our little one is about the size of an apple seed. Which is great. And it is forming it's skeleton right now! Yay! just in time for Halloween! Did you know the heart starts out as a plate. Yeah, our baby's got a heart plate. So, things are just running smooth. Just crossing my no morning sickness fingers. Hope you are interested in the Lil Steffs making even littler steffs. Cause that's what you just signed up for. Literally, by reading this first entry you have committed to eight more months of this AT LEAST! So buckle up! and tell me i'm glowing.